A downloadable Ability Duality for Windows

Ability Duality


A First Person Puzzle Platformer Sci-Fi Game. 

Throughout the game you will have access to three different abilities.
With these abilities and dual capabilities you will need to solve several puzzles to progress through the levels.

The levels are streamlined so no loading required! 


Use Mouse to look around

WASD, Jump

Dash: Left Shift

Q/E To Swap between Left Arm and Right Arm

Tab/Escape to open menu. 

Left mouse button to use ability/swap

F to interact with "Info pads"

Ability Red:

Allows you to fly towards any red Squares. (Also resets your dash)

Ability Blue:

Allows you to teleport to a selected blue square while maintaining your momentum. Usefull for traversing over pits. Only one use per activation!

Ability Green:

Allows you to solidify ghost green blocks. Only capable to solidify one block at a time. They stay persisent as long as you do so!

Install instructions


open the unpacked Ability_Duality folder

Run Make_It_Count.exe


Ability_Duality.zip 537 MB

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